Based in the heart of the midwest, eakdesign offers whimsical modern prints created by Annie Karayiannis. Inspired by typography and a clean aesthetic, color pops bring quality, affordable prints to life, that are popular favorites as gifts.


An Industrial Designer by day, I started making prints as gifts- things that were a little outside of the box, fun, and personal. Everyone enjoyed them so much, I decided to offer them to others as well!


I find inspiration in nature, geometry, and understanding other artists' take on the world. I'm inspired by modern simplicity, aesthetic beauty, and clever ideas. I'm excited by things that have never been done before, new ways of solving problems, and altruistic endeavors.


My pieces are crafted by local printers for professional quality, rich color prints on matte papers. For pieces with fewer colors, I use fine matte French paper, and all graphics are hand-screened for your enjoyment!

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